"Beau is one of the most talented actors with whom I have had the pleasure of working with during my past 35 years as a director and producer.  He played "The Creature" (also known as "The Monster") in Hudson Guild Theatre Company's production of "Frankenstein" in March of 2013, which I produced and directed.   His work ethic is impeccable, and his training has provided him with a great technique both in rehearsal and performance.  He is also an extremely generous colleague.  He really helped to lead the company and forge a deep sense of ensemble.  All his fellow actors just loved working with him.  I heard absolute unanimous raves for him from every single audience member with whom I talked about the performance, without exception.  I can only give him my highest recommendation. I know that he is destined for a career as a successful working actor"-Jim Furlong- Artistic Director at Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC 



Beau is a fearless, fiercely talented actor who gets this business

and works his ass off- and sometimes surprises you with moments

that you didn't even know you needed. A true collaborator and a

pleasure to work with" ~ Fotene Trigonis, Writer, Producer, Director

"Swimmimg with Turtles" Pilot and "Sweat"


Beau is a an amazing actor and a consummate

professional. He inhabits his characters with a

fearlessness energy and intelligence.

His performances are always surprising

and enjoyable"-Ian Fischer, Director 




I directed Beau on two projects at the Actors Studio this past season and he played two distinctly different characters with such ingenuity that enriched the project enormously." -Ed Setrakian, Director (www.edsetrakian.com































“Beau can be outrageously funny or deadly serious depending on what the role needs. Beau is a passionate and open actor who is dedicated to his craft.”   -Jeremy Wechter, Director, Screenwriter, Artistic Director-Directors NYC (www.evilalivemovie.com)

"Beau is the real deal. A true professional. He comes prepared and ready to work to rehearsals and has an infectious enthusiasm.. As a performer, a real pleasure to work with... I look forward to collaborating with him again."-Ian Ogden, Director (www.IanOgden.com)